Link Building as a Top 3 Ranking Factors on Google

Link Building Tips

Link building is a crucial technique used by digital marketers so that they can easily accomplish their directives. Link building is especially important in establishing credibility to you or your company’s website and allows for easier and more informed conversions on the consumer side.

Now I’m going to go through a few guidelines for effective link building:

  • How valuable is your link?

What is the function of your link? What type of conversions are you looking for by putting that link on your site? Is it relevant to your content? All of these are good questions to start asking yourself when contemplating inserting a link on your page. Will the link solely be placed on the site for ranking potential within Google’s search algorithms? If this is true, find some ways to incorporate it into relevant content that has some degree of authority on your website.

  • Finding Company Mentions

As an avid digital marketer, checking unlinked mentions of your company/brand should be a top priority. If someone external mentions your company and doesn’t provide a link to your page, you are missing out on valuable traffic that might have visited your site otherwise. Consider reaching out to that external website owner whether it be a company page, blogger, content-creator, etc. A simple email to the owner of the content expressing that you would appreciate linking the content to your site can go a long way in generating traffic and achieving your conversion goals.

  • Cleaning Up

Along with checking for unlinked content, a keen digital marketer should also search for linked content that is forwarding to the wrong page. For example, your company is an advertising firm and named “John’s Advertising.” Someone mentions “John’s Advertising” on their page and the link takes you to a necklace store. This is obviously not what you want associated with your link and you may want to reach out to the content owner and politely ask them to fix the broken link. Similarly these mistakes happen on your own page. Consider going over all of your own published content and see if any of the pages you have mentioned in the past take you to a null page or the incorrect page. This will help ensure you rank higher on Google and establish higher authority and credibility on you or your company’s website.

SEO Guide


This article provides a good start for any person looking to generate traffic back to their websites!

SEO – The Simple Guide

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is often regarded as a complicated process in making sure your webpage will be best-suited in Google’s search formula. Although, it doesn’t have to be that way! Backlinks & Content are the most important factors for ranking highest on Google. Blog posts, infographics, videos, and interactive tools can be your best resources for producing quality content.

High resolution images within your content will always boost the overall SEO Score of your website. Content will engage your visitors and will likely create a positive association with your brand. To target your content, I recommend developing a thorough Keyword Research campaign. Through targeting quality keywords, your company can leverage topics of interest that high volumes of traffic may be searching for. 

Burning Man

Burning Man

Offering some great advice on one of most unique places on Earth!

5 Things To Know Before Going To Burning Man

  1. Burning Man is an event AND a culture
    1. One of the biggest misconceptions people have about Burning Man is that it is a music festival. Now, that may be true to some extent with the daily concerts and big name artists attending the venue, but the ultimate purpose of Burning Man is defined in a set of rules that illustrate their culture.
  2. Follow the rules
    1. This is also a hard concept to grasp because many people believe the week-long event is about having no rules, again; this is true to some extent. Burning Man has a list of its “10 Principles” which outline simple “rules” that guide how the culture is formed. This list includes radical self-expression as well as radical self-reliance; two principles that if not shown during the week, will go noticed by fellow Burners!
  3. Black Rock City Only Exists for 1 Week a Year
    1. The last week of August when the event is held is the only week of the year that the Black Rock Desert Playa becomes a designated home for 75,000+ people (growing every year). Located in Nevada, the Black Rock Desert Playa has been home to Black Rock City for over 20+ years now and continues to be a testimony of human achievement.
  4. Camps Dictate Activity
    1. Due to the nature of the 10 Principles of Burning Man, radical self-reliance is a key principle and living in the desert for a week can be a very challenging experience. Many Burners choose to participate and be a part of a camp that pool together resources to achieve this common goal. Camps throw daily events and activities for fellow members as well as outsiders who may or may not be a part of a camp. Look for activities in the official book or download the iBurn App.
  5. Become Open-Minded
    1. If you can’t see yourself getting along with different lifestyles than your own, don’t attend. Black Rock City is a melting-pot of vastly different backgrounds, energies, lifestyles and it all seemingly works out because if the open-mindedness that attendees seem to share. You will get dusty. You will get de-hydrated. Your values will be challenged. Your outlooks will change. Your body might change or the way you look at it. All of these changes, if properly introduced, can provide you with enormous amounts of happiness, but only if you let it. Take a chance, let someone in…You might just make a life-long relationship with you fellow Burner.